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Teagan's Story

Teagan.jpgWe were so happy to have Teagan come into our lives and as parents we have loved watching her grow up into a young lady in front of our very eyes. At around 18 months old, we began to notice that Teagan was falling behind in her developmental and physical stages for her age. We began to do research and saw the dreaded word "Autism" appear often.

After many months of specialists and testing,  on September 25th, 2012, at the age of 2 and 1/2 years old, our worst fears as parents were realized. Teagan was indeed Autistic and as well non-verbal and a major flight risk.

With the help of so many specialists, therapists, and programs provided at Grandview, we have seen our beautiful active daughter grow into a happy, loving, caring and enthusiastic child who everyday loves to laugh and smile with you. Most importantly, she has a strong desire to thrive and learn and is now attending full day mainstream school.


She has shown us that she will not allow her condition to affect her happiness in life and that we can all help her make that a possibility. Teagan is almost five years old and she has grown tremendously, thanks in a very large part to all the hard work provided by Grandview staff.

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- written by Teagan's Mom & Dad, Kara & Greg and supported by little sister, Logan

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