Faith's Story

faith.jpgBorn as Twin ‘A’ at 23 weeks and five days, Faith was given a 4% chance to live past 24 hours. After six months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, heart surgery and infections, Faith finally came home.

One month after Faith’s first birthday, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting just her legs. We were told she would not be able to walk for quite some time, if ever. Shortly after that, Faith was diagnosed with Auditory Dysynchrony, a hearing impairment not very well known... Read more →


The Case for a New Grandview

You cannot truly understand how critical early intervention is until you need those services for your own family. It is devastating to have a baby book filled with gaps as the milestones many take for granted - rolling over, first steps, first words - don't happen. Our kids are waiting, some as long as a year, to get the help they need to achieve these milestones. Grandview Children’s Centre can help, but they need more space to meet the growing needs of our community, and to provide the best services with the newest technology.

Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann, the CEO of Grandview... Read more →


Colton's Story

colton_swing.jpgFor the first 4 years of Colton’s life he could not communicate effectively.  He would take your hand and lead you to an area where his parents would “guess” what he wanted.  After two weeks of Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy at Grandview Children’s Centre, Colton was scanning a communication book, removing a picture of what he wanted and bringing it his parents.  Colton was now communicating through PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)! 

Colton is Barbara and Eric’s miracle baby; They feel so blessed to have him.... Read more →


Our Milestones

Grandview has helped our families reach many milestones. Just in time for Mother's Day, watch these boys share their milestones. A new Grandview will help so many more families capture moments like this.


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Amanda's Story

Amanda riding a horseMy name is Amanda Power. Grandview has been a part of my life since I was 13 months old. I was referred to Grandview after I had a seizure that affected my left side. I was diagnosed as having Spastic left hemiparesis cerebral palsy.

 I began my long wonderful journey with Grandview participating in speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy sessions.  What I remember the most about all of these group sessions was the therapists friendliness, positivity and encouragement. With their help... Read more →


Teagan's Story

Teagan.jpgWe were so happy to have Teagan come into our lives and as parents we have loved watching her grow up into a young lady in front of our very eyes. At around 18 months old, we began to notice that Teagan was falling behind in her developmental and physical stages for her age. We began to do research and saw the dreaded word "Autism" appear often.

After many months of specialists and testing,  on September 25th, 2012, at the age of 2 and 1/2 years... Read more →


Jaxon's Story

jaxonhaddow.jpgJaxon's Story

Jaxon was born May 19 2012 to his excited family of mom, dad and three older sisters, a little boy to complete our circle. Things did not go quite as planned and we were about to embark on the unknown journey of Prader Willi Syndrome.

When Jaxon was born he did not cry or really move much at all. He was peaceful and calm and did not complain for over a year. He had very little energy and could barely stay awake to even... Read more →


Sloane's Story

Sloane on her 4th birthdayHi Everyone,

My name is Sloane and I am four years old. When I was 5 weeks old, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Aicardi syndrome. I have significant physical and developmental disabilities but the worst part of my syndrome is the seizures. I have 7 to 10 seizures every day, typically lasting 5 to 10 minutes, but sometimes my seizures last for 30 minutes or even longer. Because of my seizures, I'm not developing like most kids. I... Read more →


Owen's Story

OwenOn September 3, 2013 our son stood in line and walked into class for the first day of school. A typical milestone in any child’s life, it was especially poignant for us.

When Owen was only a few months old, we began to notice he was not meeting milestones. The doctors wrote it off as Owen being born premature, but we knew there was something more. In November 2010, at only 15 months old, Owen was diagnosed with Kleefstra syndrome, a... Read more →


Jonathan & Brody's Story

Jonathan at age 2 1/2Jonathan’s story

When my husband and I first came to Grandview Children's Centre in 2004 we were lost. Up to that point, no one had answers to explain the concerns we had about our 2 1/2 year old son Jonathan, the youngest of our 4 boys.

That all changed when we met the pediatric experts at Grandview. From the very first moment we watched them interact with Jonathan, we knew they understood kids and could... Read more →