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Gavin & Hayden's Story

Twin brothers Gavin & HaydenMeet Gavin & Hayden - two very special Grandview Kids on the verge of their 5th birthdays. These twin brothers were born extremely early which resulted in specific and individual health consequences.

Gavin was born deaf and has since been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He had heart surgery within three weeks of birth and cochlear implants at 18 months. His cerebral palsy has left him unable to stand or walk independently. He also has cognitive and speech delays. As a result, Gavin receives physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, muscle tone treatments (Botox injections), orthopaedics, developmental monitoring and optometry services at Grandview Children's Centre.

GavinGavin has an infectious smile, is very sensitive and very aware of other’s feelings. He is unbelievably persistent and loves being in the thick of the action.

HaydenHayden has some fine and gross motor deficits and communication delays. Grandview has helped him with physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. These interventions have had a great impact, helping him improve his writing skills and balance - and even introduced him to riding a bike.

Hayden is shy, sensitive and enjoys making others laugh.

Both boys have also taken part in Grandview's Therapeutic Recreation programs. As parents, we’ve attended some workshops and have made great connections with other Grandview parents.

Some days and weeks are really tough – but the boys’ smiles and laughs always help us get through it! Grandview staff and parents understand this and have supported and guided us in becoming strong advocates, not only for our boys, but for all children who face physical and developmental challenges.

Career changes led us to move from the Region of Waterloo, where both boys were clients of KidsAbility. With the move to Durham Region, we experienced significant wait times for many services. Additionally, current clinical caseloads and limited space at Grandview have meant less frequent provision of services. This is a stark contrast to the weekly physiotherapy and speech services we received when living in Cambridge. This is why it is so important to support Grandview’s future growth and development.

Despite the reduced frequency of care, we are so happy to have our boys be part of this amazing children’s centre. We have only lived in Durham Region for approximately 18 months, but it’s hard to convey the positive impact that Grandview has already had on our lives! The clinical staff is top-notch and extremely supportive of both the boys and us. It is always the highlight of the boys’ day to ‘go for therapy’! Our boys are intent on being the best they can be and they inspire possibilities in others daily.

With your support, Grandview can become a state-of-the-art facility to enrich the lives of exceptional children.

Please add your voice of support to Our Grandview to help children like Gavin & Hayden reach their full potential!

- written by Gavin's and Hayden's Mom, Heather Shearer

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