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Colton's Story

colton_swing.jpgFor the first 4 years of Colton’s life he could not communicate effectively.  He would take your hand and lead you to an area where his parents would “guess” what he wanted.  After two weeks of Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy at Grandview Children’s Centre, Colton was scanning a communication book, removing a picture of what he wanted and bringing it his parents.  Colton was now communicating through PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)! 

Colton is Barbara and Eric’s miracle baby; They feel so blessed to have him. They were only able to have one child and feel their son was the perfect “gift”.  When Colton started missing milestones, Mom and Dad thought maybe he was just a late bloomer. By April 2013, there were too many missed milestones and Colton had started “losing” his words. The Sparkes family sought medical help.  Within just 30 minutes, the Paediatrician diagnosed Colton with Autism.   The Sparkes were devastated and terrified, yet relieved to finally have an answer.

Colton was referred to Grandview Children’s Centre. When they arrived for their first appointment, they were scared but spending time in the waiting room, seeing the other parents and children somehow put them at ease; it was like “coming home, everything was going to be alright”. THIS is where they belonged.  

Grandview has provided many therapies for Colton including speech, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, applied behaviour analysis; a developmental paediatrician consult; optometrist; audiologist; and recreational therapy.  However, it has also given the family a support system, a social worker and parenting workshops.  Grandview Children’s Centre not only supports the child but the entire family.

colton_(1).jpegGrandview offers services to children in a way no one in Durham Region does.  These services are provided without judgement by professional and caring staff. The Sparkes family couldn’t imagine embarking on this journey without the support of Grandview.

 With your support, Grandview can become a state-of-the-art facility to enrich the lives of exceptional children.

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