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The Case for a New Grandview

You cannot truly understand how critical early intervention is until you need those services for your own family. It is devastating to have a baby book filled with gaps as the milestones many take for granted - rolling over, first steps, first words - don't happen. Our kids are waiting, some as long as a year, to get the help they need to achieve these milestones. Grandview Children’s Centre can help, but they need more space to meet the growing needs of our community, and to provide the best services with the newest technology.

Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann, the CEO of Grandview Children’s Centre, recently shared Capital Development: The Case for a New Grandview. We implore our fellow Grandview parents and interested community members to read and share this message during this crucial period of the lead up to the Ontario #BudgetTalks.

Our kids deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. Together we can make sure they get it.

Our Grandview Parent Task Force

 Andrea Belanger, Matt Belanger, Victoria Derby, Amber Fancy, Niki Huxtable, Melodie Muir, Krista Ormsby, Leanne Osborne, Dawn Potter, Brendan Power, Marilyn Robitaille, Heather Shearer & Tracy Wilmot