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Grandview Children's Centre is the only place in Durham Region where children and youth (0-19) with special needs and disabilities can receive the therapy they need. But, the needs of our children have outgrown Grandview's current space. Their main location was built 30 years ago to serve 400 children, but they are serving close to 6000 children every year. Right now, there are 3000 kids in Durham Region waiting to receive therapy at Grandview. Grandview needs more space to help more children reach their potential (read more).

We need your support to help us build Our Grandview!

Sign up to show that you believe every child in Durham Region deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.


This campaign is parent-driven by Grandview's Family Task Force, a subcommittee of Grandview's Family Advisory Committee.

Parents of Grandview Kids on the Family Task Force: Andrea Belanger, Matt Belanger, Victoria Derby, Amber Fancy, Niki Huxtable, Melodie Muir, Krista Ormsby, Leanne Osborne, Dawn Potter, Brendan Power, Marilyn Robitaille, Heather Shearer & Tracy Wilmot 

Goal: 5,000 pledges
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  • @Nettieskitchen tweeted link to this page. 2014-03-31 19:23:57 -0400
    @grandviewkids needs your support to build a modern facility. Join in today!
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    @grandviewkids needs your support to build a modern facility. Join in today!
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    I support Grandview because it has done so much for our family. It is our home away from home. Even in the face of dire physical, emotional and financial challenges Grandview was there supporting us, encouraging us and helping us to learn how best to move forward and be both advocates and caregivers for our son. Thank you Grandview for helping our family not only survive but also thrive. Thank you also for helping our child to become the amazing young man he is today.
  • pledged support 2014-03-31 19:14:18 -0400
    For over 10 years, since our youngest son was diagnosed with autism, Grandview has been a part of our family's life. We would be lost without Grandview and the many programs and services provided to our son. But Grandview needs a new facility and shorter waiting lists so our child and others like him can get the help they need right here in Durham Region! That's why we support Our Grandview.
  • pledged support 2014-03-31 18:45:27 -0400
    We love Grandview! Grandview has made such an amazing and positive influence in mine and my son Matthew's life!
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    We love love Grandview! Such an amazing place that makes a difference is our children's lives.
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    @grandviewcc needs your support to build a modern facility. Join in today!